The New Studio March 07 2019


And just like that, a whole year flew by!

We moved from Hamilton to Torrance, from Torrance to Bracebridge, and after a rocky start we have finally settled into our new home. And not a moment too soon because 2018 was just a tad too much...just a smidge. Really, way. too. much.

BUT at our new home in Bracebridge, we're growing roots and we've been able to create a beautiful ceramics studio that will serve as both a workspace for me and a small gallery to invite the public into. It's an incredible space, built between November-January, and we're putting the finishing touches on it now, building ware shelves, work tables and a casting table to fit the space. In the summer, the garage door can be rolled up to let the air and sunlight in (pass the mosquito netting, please!).

This first year back, I'll be juggling studio work with full-time parenting. Our toddler is walking now and is so curious and full of crazy energy. He wants to put everything in his mouth and talk to everyone he meets. He's amazing. I know a few other potters who are balancing pots with parenting, and it seems to become a bit easier once the kiddos are in school (only 3 more years to go!), but I'm excited to see how the two roles can overlap. There will be times when I'm pulling my hair out, I know, but I want my son to see both of his parents pursuing their passions and building their dreams. Hilarity will ensue. A few things (but not many) will get crossed off the to-do list. I will most definitely not have my shit together, but it's going to be so fun!



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